Wahoo Cookie Jar Open

Date: 21-Mar-2015

Tournament Rules

Port Fourchon Marina/Moran’s Marina will host the “ Wahoo Cookie Jar Open” starting Saturday at 6am March 21 – Sunday March 22 at 3pm. The tournament will be simple in nature due to short notice and the conditions at this time of year. Rather than making a large investment in the event PFM only wants to give the guys a platform to fish this year due to the recent tournament cancelation and gauge the group to see how going forward we can make provisions for future winter events better.

A mandatory captains meeting will be held on Friday night at Fin’s Bar from 6-8pm. No pre- registration will be required. Registration will be done at the captains meeting.

The “cookie jar” describes the operation of the event. Each ‘cookie jar’ will be for a category:

  • Division 1- Heaviest 3 Fish Wahoo Stringer
  • Division 2- Heaviest Wahoo
  • Division 3- Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna

$500 of each entry will go to each “cookie jar”. Minimum entry is $1500 paid at the captains meeting. All divisions will pay back 100% of the entries 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 50%, 30%, 20% split in each of the three divisions.

There will be an option to enter the ‘Calcutta’ for any of the three divisions. The Calcutta will be a separate entry at 500 and 1000 for each division. The tournament director will facilitate this. This money will be held separate and paid separate to the Calcutta winning teams.

This is a boat event not an individual event. A team will consist of six persons max and their boat. All awards will be given to the boat team and no individual awards will be given.

Saturday March 21st by 6am all boats participating must line up in Flotation Canal in front of Port Fourchon Marina with the line starting at the Tranquility “Chouest Houseboat”. At 6am the boats will be allowed to leave out starting with the first boat. Boats are expected to safely navigate through the Port into the Gulf. Check – in and out procedures will be explained at the captains meeting. You must leave from PFM on Saturday morning at 6am and enter the Flotation Canal on Sunday by 3pm. This will be explained at the mandatory Captain’s meeting.

Weigh in will be Saturday march 21st from 4-6pm and Sunday March 22nd from noon – 3pm with the understanding anyone providing proof of entering Flotation Canal by 3pm will be allowed to weigh.

You do not have to weigh in each day. It will be acceptable to wait until Sunday to weigh all your fish.

Teams will be allowed to weigh up to four wahoo and two yellowfin tuna each day.

There will be a tournament staff boat posted at the start of the Flotation Canal and Bayou Lafourche. I will explain this at the mandatory Captain’s meeting.

All fish must be weighed at Port Fourchon Marina.

In the event the tournament is cancelled due to weather 100% of the entry fees will be returned. Winds 20knots and greater sustained for both fishing days will cancel the tournament.

In the event of a protest, the person protesting must pay a 500 dollar protest fee.

All participants will be subject to polygraph testing

No electric reels allowed and wirelines are allowed.

All decisions by tournament staff are final.

All local, state, federal and IGFA fishing laws / rules apply to this tournament. In the event that any rules/laws are violated the violating participants will be disqualified and no refunds will be given.

Tournament Weather

Each Captain is solely responsible for the safety of his or her vessel and crew at all times. Captains and crews are responsible for following any federal , state and local fishing and boating laws. We encourage all captains to heed any weather warnings or dangerous conditions, as safety is first priority. It is up to each participant to determine whether their craft and crew are seaworthy for the conditions of any given fishing day of the event.

Schedule of Events

Friday March 20

  • Mandatory Captain’s Meeting 6-8pm at Fin’s Bar: Registration, rules and check-in and check-out procedures

Saturday March 21

  • Before 6am - Check-out at Port Fourchon Marina Store
  • 6am take off from Flotation Canal/ PFM
  • Weigh in at PFM 4-6pm
  • 5-8pm Jambalaya and Fried Fish with Open Bar with music

Sunday March 22

  • Weigh In from Noon- 3pm
  • Check-in of all boats by 3pm
  • Awards immediately following completion of weigh in at the PFM Pavllion

Moran’s Marina
(985) 396 2728 Fourchon, La

Call in at Moran’s Marina Office at 985 396 2728 if you are planning to fish. We will then better be able to gauge the level of commitment at such short notice. We realize this is short notice but also look forward to just getting something we can look forward started for next year. Keep in mind just 25 boats participating will pay out 6.25k-3.12k-2.5k in each of the three categories and over 100k in Calcutta money if everyone plays ball!!

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