Bottom Fishing Mixed Bag Special

Typically bottom fishing is associated with Red snapper rather than an abundance of other species we are fortunate to have here. Because of our diverse geography of oil platforms, underwater reefs, rock bottom, pipelines, etc we are able to engage a number of different fish just by gear/tackle adjustments ,as well as, locations when bottom fishing whether its 0-300’ or 300’ or greater. We have a number of grouper, snapper and jack species , offshore white trout, red and black drum in offshore state waters, croakers, pompano, sheephead, triggerfish, cobia, etc. We are prepared to offer a number of different fresh, frozen and live baits when engaged in bottom fishing. This trip is actually one of the most popular trips as it is truly a ‘mixed bag special’ which can be done anytime of year and falls under our Offshore Trip rate when the day is dedicated to it or we make these stops on the way in from a Extended Bluewater or Overnight Canyon Trip.

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