Deep Drop Bottom Fishing

Has become more popular as well with the shorter seasons imposed on the red snapper. It is a deeper version (300’ plus) of the ‘mixed bag special’ which can be done all year long. Deep dropping allows catching some of the best eating fish there is and ,as well as, fish that a lot of times have never seen a bait. Tilefish, snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, gag grouper, scamp grouper, beeliners, grunts, barrelfish, almaco jacks, amberjacks, warsaw grouper, black grouper, silk snapper, queen triggers, escolar, wreckfish, wenchman snapper, etc. etc. We have high speed rod combos and several electric reels just for deep dropping. This is very intriguing to everyone as you never really know what’s gonna come up! We generally can make a whole day doing this as an Extended Bluewater Trip or stops can be made on our way in from Extended Bluewater or Overnight Canyon trips.

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